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"Daphne Informatics Limited Company is a dynamic enterprise established on August 1, 2021. The primary goal of our company is to develop artificial intelligence-based systems in healthcare to ensure maintenance. We are dedicated to both hardware and software requirements in this field, conducting ongoing efforts to stay current. Additionally, we aim to shape the future of technology with projects in the field of artificial intelligence. The experience and expertise in the healthcare sector enable our company to offer effective solutions in various domains. With the intention of maximizing the potential offered by artificial intelligence technologies, we are developing unique projects in sectors such as energy, production, automation, education, and many more. All these projects reflect the combination of customer focus and innovation. With a forward-thinking perspective, Daphne Informatics continues to provide solutions to diverse sector needs."


Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart Incubator Monitoring System

The Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart Incubator Monitoring System is a specially developed project designed to monitor and record the health status of infants down to the finest detail. Through this project, infant treatment follow-ups, developmental progress within the incubator, and health data are meticulously tracked and recorded via a reliable system. While aiming to provide the highest level of infant health and safety, this project also focuses on simplifying and enhancing health monitoring processes. In addition to tracking infant development and health data, the system's features offer rapid access to details for parents and healthcare professionals, thereby enabling better healthcare management. This AI-powered smart system also contributes to the goal of reducing infant mortality. Our product represents a valuable solution tailored to the healthcare sector and stands out as a significant advancement in this field.


With an approach that transforms through technology, our innovative software company aims to provide unique digital experiences to our customers with AI-powered projects and solutions. We produce solutions tailored to your business needs with both traditional and AI projects. Our expert team in areas such as web and mobile application development, database management, cloud computing, and AI projects is excited to bring technological solutions that contribute to the growth of your business.

Web Application Development

By combining web applications with user-friendly interfaces, we enable you to effectively manage your business processes on digital platforms.

Mobile Application Development

Developing user-focused mobile applications, we make your business more accessible in the mobile world.

Database Management

With our expertise in database management, we securely and effectively manage and analyze your data.


Through consultancy services, we optimize your business processes, helping you maximize the growth potential of your enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Utilizing AI technologies, we analyze your data, derive insights, and make your business decisions more intelligent.

Cloud Computing

Using cloud computing infrastructure, we securely and flexibly store your data, making your business processes more agile.


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Our standout features combine our unique design approach with the latest technologies to provide users with impressive and functional experiences. With a user-centric approach, we elevate your brand in the digital world by offering modern and distinctive web solutions.

Web Development

Our web development projects strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, transforming customers' dreams into reality. Our projects go beyond providing an impressive user experience with features like user-friendly interfaces, fast loading times, and mobile compatibility. With our robust infrastructure and security-focused approach, we offer modern and competitive digital solutions, setting your brand apart.

Additionally, we focus on the unique needs of our customers in each project. By delivering customized solutions, we create web platforms tailored to your business goals. Through our creative design approach and technical expertise, we enhance businesses' digital presence by meticulously refining every detail.

Mobile Application Development

In our mobile application development service, we design user-friendly and captivating applications tailored to the unique needs of our customers. By merging our creative design approach with our technical skills, we bring to life standout and competition-defining applications on mobile platforms. We value our customers' feedback at every stage, meticulously working to elevate the user experience to the highest level.

In our projects, we offer flawless and functional solutions to our customers in mobile application development processes by utilizing the latest technologies and best practices. We take care to understand users' needs, create user-friendly interfaces, and deliver applications quickly, reliably, and in a scalable manner. With our creative ideas and experienced team, we're excited to offer standout applications in the mobile world.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Experience the future today with our artificial intelligence projects. Optimize your business processes with customized solutions, data mining, and deep learning technologies. Make smarter decisions by deriving meaningful insights from your data. Discover successful outcomes and embark on an extraordinary transformation in your business.

In our tailored artificial intelligence projects, we focus on the needs of your industry. Through our innovative and data-driven solutions, we optimize your business processes and strengthen your competitive advantage. Leverage the power of technology to stand out in the business world.

Database Management

n our database management projects, we securely store, efficiently manage, and provide fast access to your data. We optimize your business processes with customized data analysis and derive meaningful insights from your data. Supporting you in securely transitioning your business to the future is our priority.

With our expert team in database management, we continuously monitor the performance, maintain, and scale your databases. We utilize the latest technologies to ensure the security of your data and meticulously manage backup processes. Our experience in database management optimizes your business processes, allowing you to use databases more efficiently.

Cloud Computing

In our cloud computing projects, we offer scalable solutions tailored to your business needs. By securely and flexibly storing your data in the cloud, we provide accessibility ease. We effectively utilize cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. By keeping systems up-to-date with frequent updates, we maintain peak performance. Our cloud solutions provide anytime, anywhere access, enabling you to make your business processes faster and more efficient.

Additionally, in our cloud computing projects, we prioritize security to protect your data. We optimize your budget by providing cost advantages with flexible subscription models that match your needs. Our expert team supports your business growth goals by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in cloud technologies.


With our team of expert members, we offer customized solutions in various industries. Our creative projects are designed to take your business to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart Incubator SystemYapay Zeka Temelli Akıllı Kuvöz Sistemi

Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart Incubator System

Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Industry-Directed Digital Transformation Vehicle

Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle


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By offering customized solutions tailored to the needs, we have helped customers from various industries achieve their goals.